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Joker poker batman

Surrounded by Idiots : Catwoman says this in "The Cat's Meow "Why can't I get good help?" Mind you, this is while she has Batman and Robin in a Death Trap.
Freeze wore a tank of freezing gas on his back to fuel his Freeze Ray.Brick Joke In "Pop Goes The Joker Dick noticed the Batpole signs were missing, as Alfred had removed them for repainting.The Scarecrow has also been introduced to the Batman '66 comics, as well as Poison Ivy.The California-born Elisha Cook,., plays a scientist from Iceland in the final.The Prima Donna : Parodied with Dawn Robbins from The Penguin's A Jinx : Oh, what a drag it is being a famous movie star and so rich.Led to a Crowning Moment of Funny with the Joker Out-Gambitted and utterly humiliated.(And this version wears obvious lipstick!) Remember the New Guy?Commissioner Gordon says "Are they birds?" and Chief O'Hara says "Are they planes?She-Fu : Demonstrated by Batgirl.
At the beginning of an episode, (for example) the Joker is allowed to move about freely and lay the groundwork for his next scheme, Batman and Robin being helpless until he commits an actual crime.
Captain Obvious : Batman: "According to my Bat Compass, north-by-northeast is in a general north-northeasterly direction." Cardboard Prison : Curiously, mostly averted.
Neutral Female : The typical gun moll in the series typically stands around during the fights like a complete ninny.
The Family That Slays Together : The Parker clan.Love Redeems : Batman really wants to use Catwoman's feelings for him to turn her good."Penguin's Disastrous End" "A Riddling Controversy".Reverse Cerebus Syndrome : While comedic elements were there from the start, early episodes of Batman come off at least a little more serious.Insistent Terminology : It is always "Stately Wayne Manor".The cliffhanger ending has Bruce Wayne captured in a net, rendered unconscious by Penguin gas and put on a conveyor belt to be run thailand lottery results statistics into a 10,000 degree furnace.But he did have his Large Ham moments.Averted pga championship prize money payout in "Zelda the Great" where it's Aunt Harriet who is in mortal danger, for once.Since cats have nine lives she gets better.You'd think the curvier fairing and purple paint job would be sufficiently femme.Think of the Children!"The Cat and the Fiddle".Chandell only commits crimes in order to pay off his blackmailing brother, and seems deeply distressed at having to.Batman morrisons book a slot twists the nose of a bank teller and the top of the teller's head blows off, revealing springs and other mechanical parts.

The Mad Hatter, who was frequently referred to by his real name, Jervis Tetch.
For Silver Age fun-factor with more tasteful Camp absurdity, see Batman: The Brave and the Bold.