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War Never Changes, sanctuary Hills (pre-War vault 111 (pre-War vault 111 jumpsuit 0001ed86, mQ101.
Apparently Paul Pembroke moves only when you stay next to Cooke, this is also valid and can be seen when you exit Diamond City with them before the drug deal.
Curie likes convincing Paul to calm down when confronting Cooke.
(I may get even more from cleaning out Marowski's chem lab.) 820 I persuaded Paul Pembroke that I should get the entire take from the chem deal ambush.800 Gain access to Marowski's chems lab I succeeded in ambushing the chem deal between Nelson Latimer and some of Marowski's goons.550 Interrogate Trish I ambushed a meeting between Nelson Latimer and a chem supplier named Trish.The quest can be completed without Hacker at Rank 3 by triggering the modified tripwires in the order that is depicted by Trish's note.Exiting the suit before the fist fight starts allows the scripted fight to end and the quest to rified PC Playstation 4 If you stand at the entrance to the counter of the bar before Cooke leaves to fight Paul and proceed to block his.000ebe71 MQ00MamaMurphy Radiant quests Clearing the Way for (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey A local settler 100 XP (Locationname) and target as new settlements 0015f03f MinRecruit05 Ghoul Problem at (Locationname) Radiant locations Preston Garvey Radio Freedom A local settler 200 XP 100 caps or (Locationname).Deacon likes agreeing to go with Paul, and also likes telling Paul to put the gun away when confronting Cooke.I should do what I can to build up their defenses before it's too late.Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID Main quests Mechanical Menace Wattz Consumer Electronics Caravan distress call 250 XP Robot workbench schematics xx 000806 DLC01MQ01 A New Threat General Atomics factory Ada 300 XP xx 000801 DLC01MQ02 Headhunting Fort Hagen satellite array.
The Minutemen route only becomes available if the player character is hostile with the Institute, either by attacking them or by getting into a heated argument with Father.
Reward: 400 XP Leads to: The Marowski Heist Detailed walkthrough Edit The quest starts in Diamond City where the Sole Survivor must help Paul Pembroke deal with Henry Cooke, the barkeeper of the Colonial Taphouse, and then intercept a drug deal in order to gain.
One can also kill him and take everything, but Cooke will become hostile if he is alive and hasn't moved far enough away.Caps looted from Nelson Latimer, if killed.Visit the Colonial Taphouse and watch Paul Pembroke get beaten by Henry Cooke.220 Help Paul Pembroke intimidate Henry Cooke Paul Pembroke has asked me to help get Henry Cooke to stop seeing his wife Darcy.She also told me the password that will shut down the lab's security black magic lottery spells system.