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Contest to win money john cena supposed

contest to win money john cena supposed

On 99 slot machines coupon code the Raw prior to Royal Rumble, Orton was confronted with an angry Vince McMahon, pissed about how Orton had treated Stephanie.
Like practically every Orton Rumble appearance, he came out of the gate hitting powerslams and RKOs over and over ough the tempo was off and they kind of botched the timing at one point.And with that, Cena made history by becoming a 16-time world champion.Unlike other winners, this win wasnt about pushing him towards the future but rewarding him for the past.He didnt do all that much after that (his elimination of Jack Swagger was more Big Shows doing but he certainly made up for it during the final minutes.Their teamwork led to them winning Survivor Series for SmackDown and the only one causing him any problems was Wyatts other follower Luke Harper.Orton ultimately lost the feud via one of the dumbest matches in WWE history and while he held onto the title due to Wyatt being traded to Raw, he quickly lost his title to Jinder Mahal and lost that feud too.Ending: Undertaker was doing great until Orton smashed him with a chair.Ortons job was in jeopardy, but there was opportunity if he won the Royal Rumble match.
Money in the Bank, Edge.
In the build-up, Del Rio lost several matches cleanly to Christian.
Performance: Eddie arrived at #13, limping his way to the ring.Ending: Although thrown out of the ring, X-Pacs elimination was unseen by the refs, so he slid back in and kicked Kane out of there.The two fell out of the ring at the same time and unlike Luger and Bret in 94, this was not planned.Money in the Bank, putting the contract on the line multiple times against Chris Jericho and John Cena before kicking Vickie Guerrero to the curb and aligning with AJ Lee and later Big.The stuff that followed was a comedy of errors as WWE almost came to accept that Roman Reigns was never going to be beloved, but decided, Screw it, were doing this anyway!Edge, Raw, June 30, 2008 Title captured: World Heavyweight Championship 92 days A beatdown by Batista left World Heavyweight Champion Edge reeling, allowing CM Punk to connect with the Go to Sleep for his first World Championship victory.He celebrated his impending win and tried to throw Del Rio out.Aftermath: Heres the good news: Randy Orton won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.Orton and Wyatt, just like at Survivor Series, and while Roman spammed the Superman Punch to get rid of Wyatt, his spear attempt was reversed into an RKO, which bounced him back up and left him open to be clotheslined out of the ring.Batista figured out soon enough that Triple H was trying to hold him down and instead signed the contract for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.Things got explosive once Bret Hart arrived at #21 and Austin went right for him.It didnt even get the main event spot.21 Alexa Bliss Won: WWE Money in the Bank 2018 Cash-in: Def.Gavin Jasper lost 500 for betting on Mantaur back.

After absorbing a Perfect Plex, Hogan powered up and thrashed Perfect until sending him to the outside.